Yungblud will perform in Budapest Park this summer

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As in the past three years, Yungblud will give a concert in Hungary again. The multi-instrumentalist British singer-songwriter will perform in Budapest Park on June 9.

The 26-year-old Yungblud (Dominic Richard Harrison), the voice of Generation Z, is preparing for his first solo concert in Hungary after festival performances, the organizer Live Nation told MTI on Wednesday.

As they wrote, through his music Yungblud can address his generation, and give voice to their problems, joys and desires. At his concerts, he runs up and down the stage and can strike a direct chord with his fans, even though there are thousands of people standing in front of him.

In 2021, Yungblud was among the performers at the MTV EMA awards gala in the Budapest Sportarena, and in 2019 and last year he gave a concert on Sziget. He canceled his 2022 performance at the VOLT Festival in Sopron for health reasons.

Born in Yorkshire, England, he first picked up the guitar at the age of two and was already writing his songs at the age of ten. Initially flirting with acting, Yungblud became known to the world in 2018, when he released his first EP. In his songs, he touches on topics such as gentrification, abuse, problematic upbringing and political corruption. His debut album 21st Century Liability brought him huge success. His EP, Hope for the Underrated Youth, released in 2019, debuted in the Top 10 on the UK album chart, and his second album, Weird!, was released in 2020. but he already led the same list.

His third 2022 LP titled Simply Yungblud ushered in a new era: it topped the charts in six countries and has reached more than 423 million streams.

Since his last album, he’s released several new songs, including Lowlife, a rebel anthem that mixes hard-hitting melodies, heavy basslines and raw, vulnerable lyrics. His return to his alternative roots is also shown in Happier with the singer of Bring Me the Horizon or the recently released When We Die (Can We Still Get High?) with a guest appearance by Lil Yachty.


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