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The musical line-up of this year’s Campus Festival has been expanded with nine international performers and seventy domestic favorites. In addition to the previously announced Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and Azahriah, the American Gayle, who is celebrating her 20th birthday this summer, the French world star DJ Martin Solveig, the Canadian rock ‘n’ roll band Danko Jones and the best-known Swedish band of the indie revival will be coming to Debrecen, also Mando Diao. One thing is for sure, the 2024 line-up will be extremely diverse in terms of international performers, just like the domestic offer, of which there are already more than 140 names in the program offer.

Between July 24 and July 28, 2024, the Campus Festival is coming again, one of the largest summer light music and cultural events in our country, and as usual – a festival full of experiences can be expected in Debrecen in 2024 as well. It is enough to mention the University European Games jointly organized by the University of Debrecen and the University of Miskolc, the closing ceremony of which will take place on the opening day of the Campus Festival, in the festival area. This coincidence adds color to this year’s festival with elements never seen before, the organizers will report on the exact details later. The points limit for higher education will also be made public on July 24, so the central location of the national Pont Ott Party will also be the Campus Festival in Debrecen.

As for the music programs, after Gayle put together the biggest hit of 2021 with his song ABCDEFU, her angry and outspoken song went viral on TikTok and has now become a true global sensation. Like the young singer born in Dallas, Martin Solveig is preparing for his first performance in Eastern Hungary. By the way, the French DJ is a fan of Hungary, he was unstoppable from DJ Mag’s top 100 list for a long time, and his party anthem ‘Hello’ has already surpassed 100 million views.

“Of course, this is not the end of the international offer,” program director András Süli continued. “The Swedish band Mando Diao, which was founded 25 years ago and plays alternative rock music, is also preparing for its concert in Debrecen, but they will not be the only Scandinavian guests this year, as Darude, the cult Finnish DJ and music producer, whose mega-hit “Sandstorm” has become an indelible dance anthem, will arrive for a whole generation.”

In a unique way in the country, rap/hip-hop and rock/metal will have their stage again this year on the Campus. At the latter, festival-goers can see Danko Jones straight from Canada, whose hard rock records are also influenced by the attitude of punk and blues. It says a lot about them that Motörhead frontman Lemmy also sang in one of their hits. They are famous far and wide for their energetic concerts. Among the international names, Queen Omega should also be highlighted, who may be familiar to many, because the voice of the Trinidadian reggae-dancehall singer can be heard in Azahriah’s song Four Moods II. His truly special performance with his band The Royal Souls can be seen on Thursday in the Víztoronykert. Who knows, maybe the two artists will do a joint production in Debrecen? Once they arrive one day, anything can happen on Campus…

As for the domestic performance, as usual with the Campus Festival, the best Hungarian performers will be present at Nagyerdő this year as well. Also typical of the organizers, however, there will be quite a few curiosities that will make the four days ahead of us special: in addition to Azahriah’s only summer performance in Eastern Hungary, Amorf Ördögök, returning after many years of hiatus, will also give their first festival concert in Debrecen, a serious avant-garde metal genre and Thy Catafalque, which has achieved international success, is preparing for its only summer domestic concert at Nagyerdő. Tankcsapda also unusually celebrates its 35th anniversary: it will delight its fans on three different days, at three different locations, with three different programs. The organizers are not only trying to favor young festival-goers: Zenevonat with the stars of LGT, R-Go or Republic will offer great entertainment to older concert-goers. The series of announcements does not end there: several Hungarian audience favorites are also preparing for a big solo concert in the spring, and their names will be announced by the festival after that.

After the announcement of the programs, a limited number of discounted day tickets and weekend tickets became available.

WEDNESDAY DAY TICKET (Gayle, Tankcsapda 35, Follow The Flow, Necc Party, BSW and many others): HUF 17,990 / VIP: HUF 27,990

THURSDAY DAY TICKET (Azahriah, Martin Solveig, Mando Diao, Dzúdló, Margaret Island, Danko Jones, Queen Omega and many others): HUF 17,990 / VIP: HUF 27,990

FRIDAY TICKET (Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Majka, Krúbi, Elefánt, Csík Zenekar, Republic, Road and many others): HUF 17,990 / VIP: HUF 27,990

SATURDAY DAY TICKET (Magdolna Rúzsa, ByeAlex and Slepp, Pogány Induló, R-Go, Ossian, 30Y, T.Danny and many others): HUF 17,990 / VIP: HUF 27,990


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