Police officers received recognition in Hajdú-Bihar county


On the occasion of Police Day, Dr. Sándor Pintér, the Minister of the Interior of Hungary, presented the Szent György Medal of Merit to police colonel Dr. József Berecz, the head of the Balmazújváros Police Department, the title of councilor to the title of police chief lieutenant László Bacsa, a subordinate of the Létavértes Border Police Branch, and a commemorative award to police lieutenant colonel Sándor Szabó. the sub-department manager of the Activity Control Center, Contact Service Location.

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Police Major General Dr. Sándor Töreki, the officer of the School Crime Prevention Counseling Program, recognized police captain Béla Karácsony, a subordinate of the Hajdúszoboszló Police Department, for his work towards the success of the program. The awards were presented at the central ceremony held in Budapest.

Out of turn, the Head of the National Police Headquarters promoted Detective Dezső Csonka to retired police major, Richárd Jászberényi and Ildikó Rácz to police major.

The Head of the National Police Headquarters promoted police lieutenant Róbert Lipták and police lieutenant Major Zsigmond to the rank of police captain out of turn and also awarded police lieutenant colonel Gábor Kornya and Mrs. Simon Imréné.

Police Brigadier General Dr. József Gyurosovics, head of the Hajdú-Bihar County Police Headquarters, promoted eight of his colleagues out of turn and awarded recognition to another 33 people.

Debrecen City Municipality recognized the title of police lieutenant colonel László Fórián, police Major Attila Zolcsák and police Sergeant Tamás Balogh for their outstanding activities for the public safety of the city.

The guests of the county ceremony were the delegations of the Nagyvárad Territory Border Police Inspectorate, the Bihor County Police Inspectorate, the partner organizations and the president of the Hajdú-Bihari Police Retired Association.

Retired police brigadier general Dr. Sándor Sutka and retired police colonel Dr. Imre Papp, former leaders of the Hajdú-Bihar County Police Headquarters, were also present at the event held at the headquarters.


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